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Processing forms of deep groove ball bearing parts

 Multi-process processing: Generally, bearing production requires 20 to 40 processes, and more than 70 processes.

2. Forming processing: the working surface of the bearing parts is a rotary forming surface, which is suitable for processing by forming method.

3. Precision machining: Most of the surfaces of bearing parts have to be ground, and the grinding size and geometric accuracy are in μm.


For deep groove ball bearings, if the bearing load is too small during operation, sliding will occur between the ball and the raceway, which will cause abrasions. Especially large deep groove ball bearings with high ball and cage weights have this tendency. In many cases, bearings will rust. There are many reasons for bearing rust. The most common factors in our daily life are the following:

1) Intruded by moisture, dirt, etc. due to poor sealing device;

2) The bearing is not used for a long time, beyond the anti-rust period, and lacks maintenance.

3) The roughness of the metal surface is relatively large;

4) Contact with corrosive chemical media, the bearings are not cleaned cleanly, dirt adheres to the surface, or the bearings are touched with sweaty hands. After cleaning, the bearings are not packaged or installed in time, and are exposed to the air for a long time, and are attacked by air moisture and contaminated;

5) Ambient temperature and humidity and exposure to various environmental media; rust inhibitor failure or quality does not meet the requirements.

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